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About Us...

Sweet N Delish are a family run Company based in North London. 


Ashley and Maria started the business soon after getting married in 2017 after coming across this amazing new way of having Ice Cream...with 3 small children they started off in a local market stall which soon led to more Opportunities and Events. 

Today they do Pop-Ups in many places as well as Private Events, and this year focusing on Shows and Festivals!


What is Rolled Ice Cream?

Rolled Ice Cream is a new and exciting frozen dessert that originates from Thailand. 


Unlike most Ice Creams which are pre-made using an electronic machine, this new concept is made entirely by hand and right before your very eyes!

At Sweet N Delish we aim to make your experience with us as memorable as possible, so when we turn up to an event be prepared to be amazed! 

Once we start making our Rolled Ice Cream we guarantee you will not be able to stop watching!



The Process:

To start with, our liquid Vanilla Ice Cream mixture is poured onto our frozen cold pan..


Next...You choose an option from our menu.

We then begin the next step by combining it all together using our special tool and chopping it all up before its all smoothed out and scraped into a flat base ready to be rolled up and placed in one of our signature cups with more toppings and sauce! 

We truly believe your experience will be...